La pulla lokkka

Colombia ia were the Best coffe si made . Colombia is also famous becouse our biodiversity of animals,plants,rivers and culture. Colombia has been in bad situations to like when Pablo Escobar start the drugs business and now Colombia has a bad reputation when it is about drugs.
In Colombia we have ethnic diversity to becouse in the 16th century the Spanish brought Catholicism,Africans the feudal encomienda sistem and the cast sistem that favored th European sons  In Colombia we have som influence place like villa de Leyva and historical and cultural land mark,cathedral in downtown bogota ,heritage of Spanish architecture,the arhuca mochila is a popular Colombian artesian art. 

Barranquilla a beautiful place with a lot of story behind and beautiful places like Church San Nicolás de Tolentino ,barranquilla zoo,castillo de salgar . Barranquilla was founded in April 7 of 1813.the barranquilla carnival starts a 2 March and ends 5 March . The Barranquilla Carnival are one fo the most import…

My life

my name is Carlos Arturo Toledo Tatis , i was born in Miami florida.when i was 2 years old my family and i came from the united states of América to colombia. My father stay in Miami for work and economic reasons. At the age of 5 i broke my head with a glass table and it was kind of funny becouse i did it in purpose for my parents atención . At the age of 6 my mother marry with a big and fat guy hes name ia Juan Carlos , Juan Carlos and my mother (shelly) had 2 babys ,Juan Camilo and Sebastian . At the age of 10 my mom and my step-dad divorced but my mom took the costudy of my brothers . My  ex step-dad still love me as if i was hes son. Years later he marry with other woman and they have a child but he still sees me as a son , im glad of it becouse i dont have a biological father with me and he covers that roll.
Now i am 17 ,i like to do all kind of sports and learn values from them also i like to play videogames with my friends but in a competitive way because , is like to people se…